How can I retrieve my password?
Click on the login screen on the Happyshopper app and then click on the “Forgot Password?” link to retrieve your password.

I can’t find my favorite store – how are merchants added?
New merchants are added as they become participants in the Happyshopper Merchants program. If your favorite stores not listed be sure to let them know about the program and have them contact us and we’ll be happy to start the process of getting them included in the Happyshopper Marketplace.

How do I log in using Facebook?
Be sure to be logged into Facebook using the Facebook app on your phone, and then simply click on the login with Facebook button on the opening screen of the Happyshopper application. You will transition to Facebook where you will be asked for your permission to continue and then you will be logged in to Happyshopper using your Facebook identity.

How do I select a store?
To select a store simply click on the Stores button on the bottom of the app screen. It looks like a small building.


This will produce a list of stores closest to your proximity, or you can search by store name or ZIP Code. To search by store name or zip code please click on the store locator search icon on the top right to enter the store name or your current Zip Code.


How do I create an account?
To create an account you can either select continue with Facebook or sign-up using email on the Home screen of the Happyshopper app.

How can I see the specials for the week?
To see the specials at first select your store, and then click on the Deals button at the bottom of the screen.


How can I shop for products?
To shop for products first make sure you have selected a store, and then click on the shop button on the bottom of the app screen.


You can search using the search bar, or using the department filter.


How do I add an item into my shopping bag?
To add an item into your shopping bag simply click on the Shop Button at the bottom of your screen, you can then click on the shopping bag icon within the item’s display, or you can click on the items picture to go to the detailed screen for that item and click on the Add to Shopping Bag Button.


How do I change my password?
To change your password simply go to the menu and click on your image or the avatar at the top. When the list appears click on the password field you will be taken to the password change screen where you will enter your old password and then enter and reenter your new password to change it. After you have filled out all the required information click on the save button to change your password.

How do I review previous orders?
To review previous orders click on the menu button at the top left-hand side of the screen and then in the resulting menu select My Orders.


How do I browse through the products available at my favorite merchant?
There are several ways to access the products for your merchants. You first select Shop in the bottom menu bar and then browse the items.


To refine your options you can use the Search or Departments filters in the top menu.


How do I access the help menu?
To access the help and FAQs for this app simply click on the menu button in the top left-hand corner and select help and FAQs from the available options.