Welcome to Happyshopper!

Welcome to Happyshopper

What exactly is the Happyshopper Marketplace family of products? In the upcoming weeks we will explore each of the offerings and opportunities contained within this unique set of products. Like any good story, before we can talk about what we should learn a little more about the who. Happyshopper Marketplace is the culmination of several years of work for the staff here at MCM Technologies. The idea was born from our experience in the retail grocery industry. We have been creating and supporting applications in the retail grocery sector for over a decade now. The idea was a simple one, create a product that would allow retailer to offer a superior customer experience to a wide audience of customers. The Happyshopper Marketplace application suite is designed to deliver on that idea.

Happyshopper Marketplace was developed to be a flexible mobile application platform that ranges from being a digital marketing circular to a full e-commerce application. There are several discrete versions available which offer ever more sophisticated feature sets.

Happyshopper Marketplace Basic is our starting product and represents a fully evolved digital marketing circular with mobile push marketing engagement and full shopping list functionality. Consumers will be able to create, store, and retrieve shopping lists all while taking advantage of retailer special offers.

Happyshopper Marketplace Plus is our mid-level product and it includes all the features of the basic package with the addition of the 1st stage of our e-commerce offerings – scan and add to shopping cart. With this feature enabled a retailers customers will be able to scan items as they physically add them to their shopping cart within the store. This version also has a built-in Happyshopper rewards program which allows Happyshopper merchants to reward their customers with special coupons and offerings.

Happyshopper Marketplace Complete is our at home e-commerce enabled product. This version of the application allows Happyshopper’s to create a list, check out, and then schedule their order pickup with the retailer. The full e-commerce package includes some novel customer service offerings that we will detail in later blog entries as well as the full suite of marketing services and Happyshopper rewards.

This product will soon be available for download in both the Apple and android app stores. As we develop this story you will learn about the tremendous advantages that the Happyshopper family of products brings to the table.

Until next week . . . Welcome to Happyshopper!